Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday – all sorts of tidbits

Dear faithful readers – happy Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday!

This will be just a quick round-up, I’m writing something up for tomorrow and I’m trying to do that before my head explodes (again did not get enough water in me today) so pardon me for not wanting to stare at the computer screen for too long.

The latest blessay is up and it deals with the subject of language. I think I will have more coherent thoughts on it for the next installment.

Also if you are following Stephen Fry on Twitter you probably know he is off shooting documentary “Last Chance to See” and there are some great videos up on his website.

Ivory Ash

Darting and carting

Wild Rhinos

And the ever lovely Mof Gimmers over at TV Scoop has reviews of all 3 episodes of Stephen Fry in America. So make sure to check it out.

Episode One

Episode Two

Episode Three

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