Things I learned watching Keeping up Appearances

I said it once and I will say it again – none can top the British when it comes to comedy. I grew up on Blackadder and Only Fools and Horses and to this day any given British comedy show (no matter how old) will still tickle me pink.

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Why Supernatural show runner should step away from the keyboard

2007 Winter TCA Tour - Day 11

I made it no secret that Supernatural is one of my favorite series this season. Not that I did not liked it before, after all I have been watching since the beginning, but it has to be said towards the middle of season it could get somewhat monotonous.

Be as it may, I am totally loving 4th season of Supernatural – it’s darker and grittier then before, some bits are just plain silly and funny (last week’s episode had me in stitches it has to be said) and the Winchester brothers and their story are evolving. Which you know a) makes for a good telly, b) makes it a pleasure to watch and c) is a good thing (because they will need the ratings when/if CW folds).

So I was surprised to read on TV Addict last week that Eric Kripke (Supernatural’s show runner) felt compelled to address the issue – Dean Winchester is not a dick. It goes back to last week’s episode and the fact Dean fell prone ghost sickness which made him susceptible to fear, dread and panic attacks (does not sound that way but it was hilarious).
And in the episode one of the ideas was that Dean (and all the characters that lost their lives to ghost sickness) was a bit of a dick.

Which caused some fans to be quite vocal about their disapproval of the theory, Eric Kripke and the show writers in general. So Kripke had to set the record straight – Dean is not a dick.

Dean’s alleged dickness (yes it is a word I just made it up) aside it does make me wonder – how beneficial it is for show runners, writers and producers to check out the fan boards and forums?

In case of Lost it did work wonders, because after crappy season we got a great one – and that had a lot to do with fans being quite vocal about the crappy bits, the never ending mysteries and questions (and lets not forget Niki and Fabio or whatever his name was).

But in the case of Supernatural, especially now when it is really (REALLY) good does it make sense to fiddle with the vision of the grand story? Because somehow I have a hunch we have not seen anything yet.

I am of an opinion Kripke should just stay away from the boards and do his thing. He can deal with the fan fall out later.

People Kripke knows what he is doing and he also has 42% ratings surge to show for it.

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Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday – Stephen Fry in America

Dear faithful readers – happy Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday!

I told you last week I got my copy of Stephen Fry in America when I was in Norwich at the beginning of the month. We did not get the chance to go for one of the book signings, however I was happy that I got my hands on the copy nonetheless (I went a bit mad at Waterstones and Borders and came back looking like a hunchback due to my backpack being a bit on the heavy side).

And unlike with all of my usual book purchases I have decided to fight every cell in my body and savor this one.

See what I usually do is I get a book and then gobble it down in less then 48 hours. And I have been known to buy books based on the number of pages (the longer the better, bless Stephen King and his prolific writing).

But as I was sitting in Norwich’s Starbucks at 7:30 in the morning, sipping my coffee slowly, nibbling on a bun and enjoying my P. G. Wodehouse I realized it is fine to savor once in a while.
(And before you go off on me for supporting large corporations – a) there was nothing open that early and b) I blame the pectin in the coffee, highly addictive :)

Now I still have not finished the book (see savoring!) however I am enjoying it immensely. Snapshots of 50 American states, moments in time, events, people, places – I do not think anyone could have done it better then Stephen Fry. And I’m not saying that just because I’m fond of the man but because he has that rare quality of being insightful and witty at the same time.

Yes I wish fervently that it was a bit longer because I think it would make for an epic read, however since my mission is to savor I could have not picked a better read.

So if you have not got the book just yet, do – you will not be sorry.

Oh and the picture, for some reason my cat loves taking a nap on it. No matter where I leave it she will find it and take a cat nap on it.

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