Things I learned watching Hell’s Kitchen

Gordon Ramsay Celebrates The Opening Of His New LA Restaurant
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  • The only time you can hear word continuation used in English language is during Hell’s Kitchen
  • Food is never being served it is always “flying out” of the kitchen
  • Chefs love to talk about themselves in 3rd person
  • It is a bad sign when your meal makes the chef vomit. However that does not necessarily mean you are out of the game just yet.
  • Other chefs never dislike you because you have an attitude problem, it is because they are”threatened” by your cooking skills
  • If you ever do have the opportunity to dine in the Hell’s Kitchen never ever come when there are still plenty of chefs in the running, in all probability the only thing you will eat is the bread roles.
  • The rule is – less chefs, better food or better yet less chefs, any food.
  • Ramsay’s choice of insults – for females stupid b*tch and/or fat cow; for males stupid donkey, fat idiot
  • The loudest chef in the kitchen is not necessarily the best chef in the kitchen
  • The exception to the aforementioned rule is Gordon Ramsay
  • Ramsay loves his risottos, but at least he gave up on pigeon salad
  • Cooking is a great profession. That is if you don’t mind waking up at crack of dawn, working crazy hours and then still cleaning the kitchen when you are done well after midnight. It is also great if you do not mind being shouted at, getting burned and/or cutting your finger off once in a while.
  • If the hot appetizers do not “fly out” of the kitchen the whole dinner service is usually screwed. Or in Ramsay language – we are in the shit!
  • It is always the most demanding service ever in Hell’s Kitchen (boy those people at Fox love the drama!)
  • For all his shouting and screaming, Gordon Ramsay is nowhere near as bad as he would like you to think.
  • If you played a drinking game wherein you would have a shot every time one of the following phrases was used by Ramsay you would be drunk 15 minutes into the show

· F*cking donkey
· B*tch and/or cow
· It’s f*cking raw
· Shut it down
· I had enough
· Get out
· We are in the shit
· Concentrate

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