Blackadder 2010 a no go because of Blackadder himself?

Sir David Frost - Summer Party
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When I have read this news about the possible Blackadder reunion over at TV scoop I have to admit I did a little jig on the spot. There would be a special episode with cast interviews and other whatnots to commemorate 25 year anniversary of the show. And just the idea there might be at least one more episode to see well no wonder I did the jig.

Be as it may I accidentally stumbled upon this news yesterday – it seems Mr. Atkinson is not really keen on the idea. Oh say it ain’t so!

Tony Robinson, Hugh Laurie, Ben Elton, Richard Curtis and the lovely Mr. Fry have already agreed, but Mr. Atkinson “sent his apologies”. For whatever that means. Honestly – cant someone do something about it? I mean Blackadder without Blackadder we cant have that!

Oh and as a side note, after watching the game yesterday it came to me why our lovely Mr. Fry hasn’t posted a podgram in ages… honestly I know he is a busy man and all, but you know I would not have minded one bit if he shared his opinions on Euro 2008, Rolland Garros or whatever he might be watching. Go on, squeeze a podgram in before Wimbledon starts :)