Gadget Of The Week – Plurk

I sat down this morning to find a thing I could write about. I scowled through my rss reader for marked gadgets that at one point or another I thought might be nonsensical or amusing. After couple of hours of on and off rummaging for the perfect thing to mock, I found the best thing ever. It is stupid, useless, immoral (not that I’m a moral compass or anything) and complete and utter turd. Then I got the following email.


Yes, that’s right our prime slob and resident Fry expert bertas has joined this weeks favorite pastime of all geeks and twits. I’m talking about Plurk.  For all those still not familiar with the phenomenon of micro-blogging made popular by Twitter, Plurk is a new social network – micro-blogging – video and picture sharing site; so I decided to make it a gadget of the week instead. Continue reading

“So Say We All” BSG Blog Carnival

SCI FI Channel 2008 Upfront Party
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Our lovely host Amy has just put up the latest edition of “So Say We All” BSG blog carnival bloggie goodness over at Remote Access. Now that was a mouth full even if I say so myself.

And it definitely does not disappoint, not only because some have noticed the slower pace of last week’s episode (thank you M, I thought I was the only one).
Amy has come up with great theory behind the Final Five and I have to admit I found myself nodding in agreement.

So head over to Remote Access and check out the latest edition of So Say We All.
Hey, there is no Lost until next year it is good we have at least one show to nitpick over.