Shameful sit-com confessions – where are they now?

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Since the shameful sit-com confessions were so popular I did a little digging just to indulge my own curiosity and see where are they, these people we used to watch day in and day out. And of course it would not be fair if I did not share my findings with you.
Some fared well, some fared not so well, while others went in a completely different direction.
My digging also unearthed that Bronson Pinchot was born on the same day as me. Good heavens!

Golden Girls
Bea Arthur – seems Bea chose her projects wisely, she did a guest episode of Futurama, Malcolm in the Middle and Curb you Enthusiasm.

Betty White – she kept busy after the filming of Golden Girls were over and some of her guest stints included The Practice, Everwood, Boston Legal, Ugly Betty and Bold and Beautiful.

Rue McClanahan – well our dear old Blanche, sorry Rue has also kept busy after the Golden Girls. In fact she has a new series coming out called Sordid Lives and from what I have seen from the promo it does look promising. Rue also did Murphy Brown, the Love Boat – the Next Wave, Safe Harbor and Touched by an Angel.

Estelle Getty – after Golden Girls ended Estelle did Touched by an Angel, Mad about You, Stuart Little and Ladies Man. Ms Estelle has been diagnosed with Parkinson and dementia, I think I speak for all of us that were once entertained by her antics that I wish her more good days then bad days.

Perfect Strangers
Bronson Pinchot
– heavens just realized Bronson Pinchot and I share the same birthday. Honestly!
Anyhow after Perfect Strangers Bronson Pinchot has a guest role on Law and Order – Criminal Intent, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Step by Step, Six Degrees, Law and Order SVU, First Wives Club and the Young and the Restless. Bronson also did Surreal Life and has a movie out called Cluster (that stars Corey Feldman of all people).

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