Shameful sit-com confessions – what sit-com you could not live without?

Dear faithful readers we have established by now I am an 80s child, so yes I have lived through the horror that were the shoulder pads, leg warmers, big hair and thinking various man with long hair were cool (we will not go into who in particular at the moment). And even though 80s were dreadful (at least when it comes to the fashion) I’m thinking they were not half as bad.

When it comes to sit-coms there are a rare few that actually make me laugh I have to say. Unless its Ricky Gervais, Jerry Seinfeld or at stretch Julia Louis Dreyfus, sit-coms just do not do it for for me. British comedy now that is another matter altogether. But I digress.
So what were the 80s sit-coms you could not live without?
Oh and make sure to check out the clips :)

Golden Girls – I just cannot get enough of the Golden Girls, even now. I think they are hilarious. You have the queen of snark (Dorothy), the resident tart (Blanche), the mischievous bag lady (Sofia) and the resident dimwit (Rose). The fashion might be questionable but there is a reason why people still tune in to watch Golden Girls – because they are damn funny. And fabulous.

Perfect Strangers – oh how I loved Balki. Cousin Larry not so much. Who can forget the Dance of Joy, or when cousins started the mass production of Bibibabkas out of their kitchen (at least I think that was what they were called). I know it was naff but I loved it.

Family Ties – we have already established I suffered from symptomatic disease called Michael J. Fox crush.

Bosom Buddies – Tom Hanks in drag, well hello! It was way before he and Meg Ryan decided to hook up in every movie and way before he went Forrest Gump on our ass, but a sit com that took the inspiration from “Some Like it Hot” could not be bad.

Cheers – I do have to admit I was more partial to the earlier years of Cheers then the later developments. Not only was every character a story for itself, but it had that comfy feel of your regular watering hole. And I guess that was the purpose after all. Plus any show that was responsible for Frasier spin off cannot be half bad. Do you know I have actually visited Cheers when I was in Boston? Nothing like on the telly, but food was pretty good.

The Cosby Show – oh how I loved the Cosbys. It was funny, it was smart and it was warm. And I have to say my parents were delighted when they saw the episode when Theo keeps the fridge door open while he decides what he is going to eat (I suffer from the same habit). They have not let me forget it since.

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5 thoughts on “Shameful sit-com confessions – what sit-com you could not live without?

  1. Oh, Berta, now you’ve gone and done it. I faithfully watched EVERY single one of those shows, though I believe Cheers really really really doesn’t hold up in reruns.

    But to add to your list:
    • I have seen every episode of the Scott Baio classic, Charles in Charge
    • Howard Hessman was great on Head of the Class, and then that Scottish guy who took over when he left also was. Alas, the rest of the cast, not so much.
    • Fresh Prince of Bel Air. The days before the mom was replaced by another actress were pretty damn good. And, I mean, it was Will Smith!!!
    • A Different World. Better once Lisa Bonet jumped ship and then, finally, when Dwayne and Whitney fell in luuuuvvvvv.

    Those are the only ones that immediately jump to mind, so I’m going to decide those are the big ones.

  2. OMG, memories!!! I too watched all the one’s you both mentioned (Berta-The Golden Girls is still one of my faves, I watch the reruns on Lifetime alot!)

    Amy, you’re not going to believe this, but I was thinking about the show “Head of the Class” last night…weird!

    I have a few to add as well:

    Growing Pains (The Seaver’s, remember)?

    Diff’rent Strokes-Whatchu talkin about, Willis?

    The Facts of Life-I LOVED the rivalry between Jo and Blair!

    Alf-well, he was just darn cute!

  3. Ladies you have done well, but come on now, surely you haven’t forgotten the Scott Baio CLASSIC between Happy Days and Charles in Charge?? I bet I loved Chachi more than Joanie did! 😉 OK, it was sad, did it last longer than one season? But damn I loved Chachi!!

    So far out of all mentioned, my least favorite, but still watched, was Perfect Strangers. Now, for some more to add to the list:

    Designing Women – Amy & Yvonne – can’t believe you didn’t get this one!! 😉 (Johnston’s wife in RL – Delta Burke!)

    Who’s the Boss? Tony Danza = hot, until I became older and started to see him as just too cheezy. 😛

    Night Court – I was so sad when Selma died :(

    Gimme a Break – Again, when the ‘Chief’ died, it was very sad – This was where Joey Lawrence & his brothers got their start! :)

    Kate & Allie, Empty Nest (take off from Golden Girls), Silver Spoons, Three’s Company, and It’s Your Move (yes had to look that one up, just remembered there was a Jason Bateman sitcom after Silver Spoons that I liked)!!

    And a couple perhaps overlooked because they were beyond the 30 minute norm:

    Greatest American Hero – I know it was drama and action, but I always laughed when watching it!

    Moonlighting – I’m sorry, but put Bruce Willis in a show where he isn’t saying “Hippie Kie Yay M-F” and I’m laughing! 😉

  4. Every show you guys mentioned, I watched, except Alf, Moonlighting (I don’t know why, I never did) and It’s Your Move. All fab. It truly was the golden age of the sit-com…

  5. Aaaah I knew I could count on you wonderful girls to bring me up to speed on shows I have missed :)
    Amy, I did watch Fresh Prince but there were reruns so many times I kind of get fed up with it, the first time around I did think it was hilarious… However Carlton and his Tom Jones dancing, priceless :)

    Yvonne, I completely forgot about Growing Pains, oh yes that one was good. Agreed on Facts of Life but first few seasons rather then towards the end… and I remember watching Alf, but I dont remember it was particularly funny, I do agree though he was very cute.

    Hawks, oh yes Designing women that was funny and the clothes well :) … oh and Three’s company, but also the early years… loved that Roper… and it was sooooo 70s, you could smell the polyester :)

    Moonlighting was good, although Cybil Shephard and her shoulder pads could put Krystle to shame… and if I remember correctly they always filmed her with a sort of a soft light (dont really know the technical term) so she looked glowing… I on the other hand can only rely on my moisturizer and somehow the effect is just not the same :)

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