BSG – spot the Cylon

Since the final episode of third season of BSG we know the faces of 11 Cylons. Now we only miss one. Internet has been rife with theories ever since that infamous “Last Supper” shot was released. And I have to say some of these are pretty detailed and frankly awesome. This particular theory over at the Cellounge knocked my socks off (it is quite a read but well worth it).

At Galatica Watercooler there are all sorts of theories, there are so many of them in fact they do a round up. And over at EW in case you have missed it by chance, Ron Moore gave some hints and clues on the Last Supper photo. Only hint Ron Moore gave that might be of some use is the possibility last Cylon is not featured on the photo. Hm, call me a silly blond but I would not bet my money on that one.

So who do you think might be the last Cylon?

We have a great pool of BSG fans and I’d love to hear some of your theories. I think we should go along the lines anything is possible in this instance, it is last season after all and I think we can count of writers to go for the maximum effect. Starbuck and Baltar would make a pretty obvious choice in my opinion, however what about some of the major characters (and yes I know they are in the Last Supper photo, but indulge me).
President Roslin perhaps? Adama senior? Ha, imagine if that was the case the human – Cylon hybrid babies have been alive and well for years and that would make Apollo half skinjob or something? And now that the final 4 Cylons have been revealed and we know all 4 of them are close to one figure of power in the fleet, who could be the possible 5th? Any ideas?
Then (and as some theories speculate) could it be that the last remaining Cylon is someone who is not even in the picture at the moment? Pushed out of the air lock long ago?
Also I am curious when the final Cylon will be revealed. Given that this is the last season and there is a limited number of episode, will the writers leave it to the very end for a maximum impact or will the identity of the last Cylon be revealed some time before to butter the story up sort to speak. So many questions and all will be revealed, however that does not stop us from speculating.

So lets hear it, who do you think might be the last Cylon?

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