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Due to the blasted strike our TV schedule is completely topsy turvy. Not to mention due to the blasted strike we will be seeing less episodes of our favorite shows. But as I promised myself I will try and be positive the good news is we still have some House to look forward to. That and 3 hours of Lost finale. I know, isn’t that great? If this season is anything to go by it should be spectacular. I have scoured some of my favorite TV blogs to see what we can expect next week when our favorite shows commence. But beware its spoilers galore so thread at your own peril.

Lovely Lynn brings plenty of teasers over at House is Right. And then there are the promotional photos. I know, Hugh Laurie is sooo hm interesting to look at. To me he is anyway.

Over at Buddy TV you can watch an exclusive interview with Jensen Ackles with loads of interesting tidbits and even some speculation whether or not our Dean will sunbathe his chops in hell. I do hope not, I am still counting on Papa Winchester (aka Jeffrey Dean Morgan) coming to the rescue.

2 shows I keep meaning to write about but then accidentally forget are CSI (sans Horatio Caine) and SVU, well Ausiello has some scoop who is leaving next. Hm I wonder will it be a serial killer this time around as well?

Over at TV addict you can check out a little video podcast by Becki Newton and Michael Urie of Ugly Betty. And then at the Ugly Betty News there are stills from the episode of Ugly Betty with the winner of Project Runway Christian Sirano.

You know how I got into a titz that Rob Thomas will be creating the 90210 spin off for CW? Well he isn’t. He will still be on board as an executive producer because of his other commitments (most notably Cupid, yay!) however I’m afraid it will loose that Rob Thomas touch (like what happened with Reaper and Kevin Smith).

For the ever devoted Moonlight fans (I do hope the lot of you have recovered from that blood drive) head over to TV guide to hear special message from Alex O’Loughlin. And at Buddy TV it is Moonlight spoilers galore.

Last but not least (German have a saying along the lines Sugar comes at the end) Lost spoilers. 3 hours of Lost finale (although not all at the same time, but still) plus Cuse says we will learn who is in the coffin. Hmmm I wont hold my breath, knowing them it will probably somebody’s little toe and we will have to guess. Or something along those lines. This scheduling also means we will have another hour of Grey’s anatomy, but quite frankly unless Jeffrey Dean Morgan does not show as Denny’s evil twin brother or something along those lines I don’t think I’ll be that impressed.

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