What you have been reading this week

What have you been reading on Couchslobs this week

Best Stephen King books turned into movies (I’m glad you share my enthusiasm)

Stephen Fry on Room 101 (I know it is a pleasure to watch)

14 of my favorite QI clips

10 best sketches from A bit of Fry and Laurie (I still cannot get over Hugh Laurie’s shirt on this particular picture, I know it was fashion in them days but damn and blast it hurts the eyes)

Which movies tickle your fancy (for me it has got to be Indy)

Actor or a plain pain in the bum (Pain in the bum me thinks)

Shameful TV confessions – everybody has one (go on, share, you know you want to)

When movie stars get their kit off (no wonder that’s proving popular)

TV’s most kick ass female characters

Most interesting spoilers and links

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Due to the blasted strike our TV schedule is completely topsy turvy. Not to mention due to the blasted strike we will be seeing less episodes of our favorite shows. But as I promised myself I will try and be positive the good news is we still have some House to look forward to. That and 3 hours of Lost finale. I know, isn’t that great? If this season is anything to go by it should be spectacular. I have scoured some of my favorite TV blogs to see what we can expect next week when our favorite shows commence. But beware its spoilers galore so thread at your own peril.
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