Rant – actor or plain pain in the bum?

Oh Lord, yesterday I have read a short blurb about the latest actor to join the cast of the latest Harry Potter movie. Jim Broadbent, who will play the character of professor Horace Slughorn has gone public that he is not really a Harry Potter fan and has only read 2 of JK Rowling’s books.
What irked me really to write this rant (and not only because I am quite a big fan of Harry Potter’s books, I have read the last one in about 48 hours) is the fact some of the actors that have been cast to play various roles have went on record to express their dislike/ambivalence/disinterest in the saga that has captured the imagination of children (and a good number of adults) worldwide.
Ok I am biased, I know.

But, if you were hired to do a job (regardless what it is) is it really beneficial that you go off slagging the people who have hired you? I don’t see that passing the mustard in any other business. And surely we can argue that actors are artists and whatnot, but why then accept a role to begin with? At least Garry Oldman was up front enough to say he is doing it for a paycheck. And because his kids will think he is cool. This nonsense I cannot get over it. And its coming from Ralph Fiennes, honestly how far up your arse your head has got to be? Yes we get it, you are a “serious” actor heaven forbid anyone would think otherwise. Tssssssss
I think Broadbents and Fiennes of the world could take a lesson from the late Ralph Harris. Or better yet Alan Rickman. That is how you do it.