So Say We All BSG blog carnival 2nd edition at Remote Access

You know we have been taking part in the “So Say We All” BSG blog carnival over at the Remote Access.

I cannot let our wonderful host Amy down, here you can find the 2nd edition of BSG blog carnival and I am happy to report we are having even more contributors this time around (I guess I am not the only one embracing the geek within :)

There is all sorts of goodness and wonderful discussion topics such as who might be the last Cylon model (wouldnt we all want to know), comparison between BSG and Deep Space and even a cool BSG widget.

But I dont want to give everything away, so head over to Remote Access and check it out yourself.

In memoriam – not TV related

I’m sorry but I cannot bring myself to write anything coherent today. I thought about should I share this or not (I don’t want to go all morbid on you) however since I have shared with all of you my Stephen Fry appreciation and my unseemly crush, the travels we have been on not to mention our embarrassing TV confessions I thought I might as well. Back to regular programming tomorrow I promise.

Our family dog passed away last night. And even though he was old (17 whopping years) and even though you try to prepare yourself for the inevitable it does not mean it is any less sad when it does happen eventually. He has been with us since my brother was 10 and I was 14.
Astor died peacefully in his sleep and is survived by his loving family and two of his cat compadres.

To his very last day he still perked up at the sight of chicken, he had all of his own teeth and he still wagged his tail. Impressive record for a 17-year old dog. I miss you already.