Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday – Twinings Ad Controversy

Over the past couple of weeks or protagonist, Mr. Fry, found himself in a middle of controversy relating to two Twinings Tea ads he stars in. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the whole case, the ads (you can see them below) were accused of presenting negative stereotype of a black man as sexually promiscuous. I will not go into the merit of these charges simply because a) they were ruled on, b) the point of this blog is to have fun and not be the authority on racism and c) I think they were total bullocks. Wait a minute, was argument c) a comment on the case? I’ll have to have my people check that and get back to you!

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Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday – news and bones to pick

Dear faithful readers, happy Stephen Appreciation Monday!

As you can see from the previous post appreciation abounds today. But this is nothing new here. Anyhow for today’s edition of Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday I have collected some news and tidbits about our lovely Mr. Fry that I think you might find interesting.

However first of all I have a bone to pick with Digg. Now bare with me I know I am technically challenged but this one I don’t understand. Since I never was too much into the whole podcast thing I never paid much attention to podcast section on Digg. But along came Mr. Fry’s podgram and of course now I am exploring the media and looking for podcasts that might seem interesting. And while I really digg Diggnation and the lovely boys how come Mr. Fry’s podgram is not even listed on Digg?!
Its number one podcast on iTunes UK hello! And its really good. When I have tried submitting it on Digg it said it has already been submitted so I thought ok it says its beta and whatnot. Maybe it will take a while. But now 3 days later and it is still not there.
Come on Digg lads, get Mr. Fry listed already so we can digg him!
The man is the original Apple fanboy, he played Daddy Dietrich in V for Vendetta not to mention his podgrams are funny, intelligent and interesting! And number one podcast download on iTunes UK. But I have mentioned that already :) Will someone do something about that? Soon? Thank you!

Ok bone picked. Now back to the regular programming.
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Eli Stone – I Approve of Eli Stone’s Message

Four months ago in the midst of the writers strike I wrote about this new show Eli Stone. Honestly at that point I would have watched just about anything, which I proved with the first ever reality show I followed – the infamous Project Runway. To further inflame my passion for this show, the writer and executive producer Marc Guggenheim left a comment thanking for the review. This short single sentence comment meant a world to me and Berta, our nagging was actually read by someone from the industry we love and follow.

Through the months I kept quiet about Eli Stone, primarily because I was on the fence regarding the quality of the show (I though Ally McBeal type visions were the real low point). Plus my prediction of Dragon got me worried and two CAT scans later I’m assured I’m aneurysm free. But now after last episode “Waiting For That Day” I can say: I Approve of Eli Stone’s Message. The show had it’s childhood diseases and I realize not all episodes can be seat-gripping, but when you take into perspective the whole session so far, I can honestly say: “Mr. Guggenheim you have yourself a keeper!” Please don’t frack it up, I hate eating my own words!

Couchslobs joins Blogger Appreciation Day

Darren Rowse of Problogger came up with a wonderful idea of Blogger Appreciation Day. The gist of it is that it is a kind of Pay it Forward where you the blogger in question say why you appreciate another blog or blogger. And since we have been running our Stephen Fry Appreciation Mondays for a while now, we do love to appreciate so without further ado I present to you blogs Couchslobs love to appreciate (and don’t worry Stephen Fry will get his own appreciation post, because he is well Stephen Fry).

Blogs Couchslobs love to appreciate

  • The lovely crew at Shiny Media’s TV Scoop who keep us up to date with all the latest in British TV, who keep us on our toes with their Midweek Mindbenders and who made me feel less of a freak for not being crazy about Pushing Daisies (ta for that :)
  • Lovely Amy over at Remote Access – the brain behind “So Say We All” BSG Blog Carnival who made me embrace the geek within and finally take a plunge and take part in a blog carnival. And not any old blog carnival but BSG blog carnival, beyond cool. Lovely Amy is also responsible for keeping the Jericho fire going (another one of my favorite shows) and for that we appreciate her.
  • Now off to my favorite House blogs – Barbara over at Blog Critics with her “Welcome to the end of thought process, House MD” .Her wonderful and detailed analysis of another one of my favorites House is always a pleasure and a delight to read. Barbara does not miss a beat and trust me she does not do recaps, these should be called elaborate essays rather then recaps – a must read for any true House aficionado.
  • And Lynn over at “House is Right” who has all the latest promos, trailers, clips and some dare I say wonderful photos of our favorite doctor :) Lynn we appreciate you for keeping us up-to-date.
  • Wonderful Whitney Matheson over at Pop Candy whose blog is my daily guilty pleasure because surely I dont need to know what is happening with MTV’s Real World, what Kristen Bell is doing and how Moonlight fans are trying to save their show by organizing a blood drive. Not to mention the Lost discussions are the best ever. When I grow up I’d love to do what you do :)
  • And speaking of Lost, last but not least Jorge Garcia (yes as in Hurley) and his blog Dispatches from the Island which has got to be the best celebrity blog ever. It is funny, entertaining and it restored my faith there are still actors who do not take themselves too seriously. Hurley rocks, but Jorge is even better.

So there you have it. And who do you appreciate? :)