Shameful TV confessions – who was your 80s crush?

Confession time again. I love this, I am thinking about making it a regular feature because quite frankly you never know what you are going to find out (the few of you that are actually reading this blog). New rule to live by – embrace the embarrassment. In my defense my taste has improved (ever so slightly) since them days but I have noticed a few patterns in making this list which does explain why I find Stephen Fry fanciable.

And I just want to say the reason there are no females on the list is well I am not that way inclined however men and women who had an 80s female crush are more then welcomed to share.

So who was your 80s crush? As in who did you find fanciable enough to tune it week after week to watch?

Michael J. Fox on Family Ties – it is a bit obvious isn’t it? Ah well what can I do? It was me and millions and millions of teenage girls who found Alex P. Keaton adorable. Michael J. Fox managed to pull this role off by being annoying and decidedly lovable at the same time.

Nicholas Lyndhurst on Only Fools and Horses – most of our American readers will probably start scratching their heads in confusion, however the English will know who I am talking about. Nicholas Lyndhurst aka Rodders from long standing British comedy “Only Fools and Horses” played dimwitted younger brother of Delboy. With his tall and lanky frame, too short jeans and Doc Martins, well what can I say combine that with the accent and he was a worthy crush material for me.

Jimmy Smits on LA Law – perhaps Blair Underwood would be a more obvious choice because he is absolutely gorgeous, but Jimmy Smits was even more dishy in my opinion.

Tom Selleck on Magnum PI – another obvious choice (even with the mustache which I cannot stand usually). Although looking back Tom Selleck didn’t do himself any favors with that 80s get-up. And when I heard Magnum PI movie is the works and they are casting Matthew McConaughey for the role honestly. I know he runs around shirtless most of the time, but hello why not go for the original Magnum? Tssss

Jack Coleman on Dynasty – yes as in Claire’s dad on Heroes. Jack Coleman played Steven Carrington, first ever openly gay character on Dynasty (although he was cast to replace another actor). No wonder I found him appealing. Now when I think about it that explains that wonderful guy in high school who turned out to be gay.

Ted Danson on Cheers – hm yes, horrible isn’t it? I fancied Frobisher shame on me. At least I could have gone for Kelsey Grammer’s worldly charm. That didn’t stop me from visiting Cheers in Boston, much to the horror of my family. But at least the food was good.

Lane Davies on Santa Barbara – again the accent, again lanky. Do you notice a pattern here? Be as it may he did have a role on Scrubs, so there it is not that bad. And I almost had a fit, I kept shouting “Its Mason”. Oh the shame!

2 thoughts on “Shameful TV confessions – who was your 80s crush?

  1. I agree, Nicholas Lyndhurst was really hot… I have a soft spot for the tall lanky boys!

  2. Totally had a crush on Rodney growing up as a child. Was watching some only fools and horses clips recently, he’s so gorgeous, so tall and handsome, love the accent.

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