Shameful TV confessions – who was your 80s crush?

Confession time again. I love this, I am thinking about making it a regular feature because quite frankly you never know what you are going to find out (the few of you that are actually reading this blog). New rule to live by – embrace the embarrassment. In my defense my taste has improved (ever so slightly) since them days but I have noticed a few patterns in making this list which does explain why I find Stephen Fry fanciable.

And I just want to say the reason there are no females on the list is well I am not that way inclined however men and women who had an 80s female crush are more then welcomed to share.

So who was your 80s crush? As in who did you find fanciable enough to tune it week after week to watch?

Michael J. Fox on Family Ties – it is a bit obvious isn’t it? Ah well what can I do? It was me and millions and millions of teenage girls who found Alex P. Keaton adorable. Michael J. Fox managed to pull this role off by being annoying and decidedly lovable at the same time.

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