Gadget Of the Week – XOBNI

Even though today’s gadget is not gadget per say but an Outlook plug-in, this is by far best geek product of this week. XOBNI (pronounced “ZOB-nee”) is a new program developed by Adam Smith and Matt Brezina which tries to de-clutter your Outlook inbox.

If you are like me, and I know you are, your life is ruled by email and if your email is ruled by Outlook, you are knee high in shyt. The biggest problem I have with it, like most people I know, is that if you receive more than 20 emails per day in a week you cannot find a damn thing. This has been remedied somewhat by invention of Google Desktop and new search feature in Outlook 2007, but problems still exit. Google indexes everything and you rely on knowing the correct keywords for finding something, whilst search feature embedded in Outlook 2007 is so damn slow it’s like puling teeth.

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