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As promised yesterday today is the day of “So Say We All” BSG Blog Carnival. Yay!

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Golden oldie – Seven

Yesterday I switched on the telly and there it was – Seven. As a few of you who read us regularly probably know I am complete and utter movie snob. It does not mean I will not stoop down and watch any old nonsense (although I do draw the line at spoof movies, I’m sorry I do have to keep some standards).
It just means there are not too many movies I can watch time and time again. Seven is one of them. And no it is not because of Brad Pitt (although that helps). It is because it is bloody brilliant.

I remember when I saw Seven for the first time. My movie palate was nowhere near as developed and I did not have a clue who David Fincher was. We went to the cinema and after grueling 2 hours I remember coming out with a distinctive nauseating feeling in my stomach. It is really difficult to stomach the first time around isn’t it? Not to mention a good few scenes are absolutely shocking (I am yet to find a person who did not flinch or jump during that scene when they find Victor’s presumably dead body).

But once you get over the shock and the nausea you do realize a few things a) very little violence can be seen apart from the crime scenes, which lets be frank aren’t any more gruesome that the ones you can see on CSI and b) even though it is easy to dismiss that Kevin Spacey speech as madman talk there is a certain eerie logic to his justifications.

In my opinion Seven is a movie you have to see at least twice because the visual impact is so strong the first time. Simply some bits of the story line can be missed. The story is so perfectly written and Freeman, Pitt and Spacey did such a wonderful job you would it injustice to dismiss it as a simple gore fest. Because gruesome and miserable as it appears, it is anything but.