“So Say We All” BSG Blog Carnival at Remote Access

Couchslobs is taking part in our first ever blog carnival.

Our blog buddy Amy over at Remote Access is the master mind behind this one so big cheers to her (any of you Jericho fans will know who I am talking about).
And this is no ordinary blog carnival oh no! It is “So Say We All” Battlestar Galatica blog carnival.

How cool is that? I’m kind of chuffed we are breaking our blog carnival cherry with BSG (note to self – must stop with the potty mouth, but in my defense it is proving difficult and it is Gordon Ramsay’s fault).
All joking aside isn’t it the coolest show ever? And just when I think about how it was all down to my brother who literally pushed the DVD of the first season in my hands. Cue 24 hours and some red, dry eyes later – I have not looked back since.

So don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for all that BSG goodness.

And Amy all I will say – just embrace your inner geek :)

Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday – Stephen Fry Is A Middle-Aged Black Woman

Following Mr. Fry for some time now I became familiar with his acting opus, but never before now have I seen him impersonate a middle-aged black woman until now. Yes, we’ve seen him portray a shrink, a writer, a general; but I don’t believe many of us have seen him act-out a black woman. In his first female role he’s portraying non other than Oprah Winfrey. You say: NO WAY! I say: WAY! Look, enjoy, be dazzled!

Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday – 14 of my favorite QI clips

Image QI (Quite Interesting)

Dear faithful readers, happy Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday!

Since I have been feeling a bit miserable this morning I have decided we all need a bit of laughter.

So I have found some of my favorite moments from QI that never ever fail to tickle me pink (and some of them make me snort water through my nose not very alluring or pretty but there you have it).
I swear QI should be prescribed instead of anti-depressants – doom, gloom and misery be gone.

Not to mention we are actually learning something as well.
Do you have any favorite QI moments?

So happy Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday and enjoy!

The old classic – They say of the Acropolis

Mein Handy :)

Our lovely Mr. Fry doesnt know what are beer goggles

What is in Queens handbag?

A little grammar lesson for Alan Davies

I might think twice before going on that safari

Who said you cant learn anything watching the telly?

Mr. Fry and his Irish accent

Some interesting tidbits about Christmas

Alan Davies tries and tries… and tries

What did Edison invent?

Alan Davies being funny

Nasty panelists take the piss out of our lovely Mr. Fry

Jo Brand strikes again