New season of Hell’s Kitchen

Image: Guardian

The new season of Hell’s Kitchen is upon us. And since a) I do love my Gordon Ramsay and b) there is no House, Lost or any other show until end of April well a girl has to get her TV kicks where she can.

The only problem is I’m not really sold on Hell’s Kitchen. I did see season 1 of British version where you had a heap of celebs (well THEY call themselves celebs but lets call a spade a spade wannabe celebs way past their prime) breaking down in tears every 5 minutes, soufflés being burned, meat being raw and even I had nightmares about the risotto – so much so in fact I have not even made an attempt to cook one since I saw the show (I can picture Gordon Ramsay spitting it out and shouting “In the bin, in the bin you f****** donkey!”).

But enough of my kitchen nightmares where was I? Yes Hell’s Kitchen. Truth be told I think the concept is good, much better then what Jamie Oliver did all those years ago. He got a bunch of lazy farts who a) did not have a clue about cooking and b) could not be arsed to do much at all (which surely defied the whole purpose of the show). At least Ramsay’s lot know a thing or two about cooking and say what you will they are ready to sweat it out.
My problem is (if you ignore the stupid dramatic music and people talking about themselves in 3rd person) that FOX is editing Ramsay into some sort of McSatan of the cooking world. And after 3 seasons it is kind of getting stale. If they wanted to portray how tense and stressful it can get in the kitchen, me thinks the viewers got the idea already. Sure he is foul mouthed and a perfectionist, but he is not that bad by far.
And does Gordon Ramsay really want to be know for the rest of his living days as this devilish persona? Surely not. In my opinion – more Kitchen Nightmares, less Hell’s Kitchen.

Gadget Of The Week – The Unit

A couple of years ago bertas, some co-workers and I developed a whole theor y of physical strain. The gist of the whole diarrhea is that one should reduce all physical activity to bare minimum. In this new weekly column I will discuss new stuff that enables us all slobs in implementation of this theory.

The first piece of stuff I found is The Unit. Designed by Philippe Malouin, The Unit, is the prime enabler for all slobs around the world. The perfection that Unit is combines kitchen, a table, a refrigerator and a bath tub. I have to admit one thing that’s missing is a couch, or at least a La-Z-Boy.
The Unit’s construction is based on surfboard manufacturing techniques, which makes
it lightweight and ultra portable. This fact alone gives it a couple of bonus points, cause luggi ng a five ton appliance would defy the theory itself?

I only have one question: Wh y isn’t this man cutting his meat while he’s bathing? Silly!