Rant – Slobs Against Magenta

I’ve ranted about producers, TV execs, starlets, stupidity and just about anything one can see on TV or online. But I have to admit I never ranted about color.

For those of you who have not been familiarized with T-Mobile’s objection regarding Engadget Mobile‘s use of color magenta you can read about it here. To make the long story short T-Mobile is of the opinion that they own color magenta and they have sole god given right to use it. The absurdity of the whole story is even grater when you take into consideration the fact that they have trademarked it.

I have an idea! From this point on Couchslobs.com is trademarking color black and reserves the right for sole use of it in this, all parallel and alternate universes; and version there of!
Note To Self: Call a layer – We need to sue all funeral parlors, grieving widows and Mortisha Addams!