Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday – Room 101

Image: BBC

Dear faithful readers happy Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday!

When I was thinking about what I can share with you today (can you believe we have been running Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday since last October? Goodness gracious me!) I decided I did not want to bore you with another one of my movie analysis.
So I turned to the ever dependable youtube to find some clips that might be of interest to you (and me).
And I did find quite a little gem I have to say – Stephen Fry on Room 101. It is rather more enjoyable then that dreadful Shrink talk or whatever the name was of that God awful thing.
Plus it is quite fun to see our lovely Mr. Fry get so heated around the collar… over a plate.
Not to mention he looks absolutely gorgeous and decidedly geeky at one point. What a wonderful combination. But thats enough of me being a fan girl, enjoy!

Stephen Fry on Room 101 – Part 1

Stephen Fry on Room 101 – Part 2

Stephen Fry on Room 101 – Part 3