Shameful TV confessions – everybody has one

Recent chat I had with Hawks in the comments section got me thinking. We both professed to be TV junkies and I for one know way too much TV trivia then what is considered normal (the amount of useless information I can store in dark recess of my brain is astounding).
And you know all that information had to come from somewhere. But before I even start I have been watching way too much Gordon Ramsey, damn and blast that man I have developed a severe case of potty mouth so I apologize in advance.

So it is time to fess up – what were some of your favorite shows when growing up?

I am not talking about the original Battlestar Galatica that would be too cool.
I’m talking about shows you would not be caught dead watching nowadays, shows you simply had to tape when you could not watch them (as on VCR that was back in the days TiVo and iTunes did not exist) – well you get the idea.
Since I’m one of the writers on this blog I will start although I am definitely risking my reputation here. Be as it may here it goes.

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