20 famous faces – where have we seen them before?

We all know that many of the Hollywood’s finest had some bizarre jobs before they made it big in Hollywood. However I am not talking about Whoopi Goldberg’s putting make up on dead people.
I am talking about those odd acting jobs some of them were forced to take to pay the bills. And once I have started digging I did uncover a good few gems.

  • Terry O’ Quinn – Terry O’ Quinn was quite in-a-demand TV actor even before he landed his role of Locke on Lost. But did you know he made a regular appearance on JAG? In fact, much to my surprise in one episode he stared alongside Dr. Namaste (as I like to call him) from the Orientation movie. Coincidence? I think not.
  • Josh Holloway – my favorite Lost castaway Sawyer (well after Hurley). But did you know he was featured as thief in the Aerosmith’s Crying video and had a role on Walker, the Texas Ranger?
  • Harrison Ford – before he became Indy and Han Solo, did you know Harrison Ford stared in an episode of that old classic Dynasty? Indy on Dynasty now I have heard it all.
  • Pamela Anderson – had a regular stint on sit-com Home Improvement and was featured as Al Bundy’s dream girl in one of the episodes of Married with Children.