Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday – 10 best sketches A bit of Fry and Laurie

Now that is one ghastly 80s shirt on Mr. Laurie. And whats up with Mr. Fry, he looks like a little mouse?!

Dear faithful readers happy Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday!

Since we are going retro this week and since its is Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday I came up with a little selection of sketches – the best of Fry and Laurie. In my opinion anyway, some of these literally made me weep with laughter. And we all need a bit more laughs. So what are your favorites?

The ever popular and decidedly hilarious Mr. Burmie

The Barman sketch

Damn you Marjorie (damn and blast, I love it)


Fry and Laurie’s take on Aussie soaps

Sex talk in the class

Linguistics (Fry in his element)

Spoon bender

Pimhole (and I thought I had a potty mouth)

Privatization of Police Force