16 hottest ladies of Sci-Fi TV shows

We are all about equality here and since we already did the lists of Old guys our mums think are hot, hottest geeks and simply hot guys of 2007, today we present to you the list of hottest ladies of Sci-Fi TV shows.

I do not want the lads to feel left out or anything of the sort. I did have some consultation on this one mainly my brother and another friend who shall remain nameless as I don’t think she is ready just yet to come out to the worldwide audience. The point is the list has been approved by both a male AND a female, so I do hope I have not left anyone out.

Sarah Michelle Geller aka Buffy the Vampire Slayer
There was definitive glint in the eye at the mere mention of Buffy and it seems she still has a lot and I mean a lot of fans even though the show has been defunct for years. When I tried to argue Buffy was perhaps more horror then Sci-Fi I was met with angry stares. And I value my life.

Jeri Ryan aka Seven of Nine Star Trek Voyager
Hm as I was told it has something to do with the uniform and the fact old Jeri is plain hot. There you have it, what better explanation do you need?

Jolene Blalock aka T’Pol Star Trek Enterprise
I dont understand was it because she played a Vulcan, because of the uniform or because the actress herself was a dedicated Trekkie, be as it may T’Pol was repeated like a mantra. And who am I to argue with that?

Tricia Helfer aka Six Battlestar Galatica
Ah now I am on a familiar territory as I do love my Battlestar Galatica. Six or the uncover Cylon agent was the one that drove dr. Gaius Baltar crazy… or was it the other way around? Does not matter really, Tricia Helfer is hot and she has a Playboy spread to prove it.

Hayden Panettiere aka Claire Bennett Heroes
Save the cheerleader, save the world was another mantra that kept being repeated over and over again. And it has to be said Claire Bennett has one of the coolest powers, who can ever forget that scene from the morgue?

Charisma Carpenter aka Cordelia Chase Angel
Charisma had a 3 year stint on Buffy and then a 4 year stint on Angel where she has dazzled many with her smoldering good looks and merciless ways.

Jessica Alba aka Max Guevara Dark Angel
Jessica Alba won the hearts of Sci-Fi boys world over with her 2 year stint as Max Guevara on hit series Dark Angel. Is she hot? Most certainly so and she has plenty of Maxim covers to prove it.

Gillian Anderson aka Agent Dana Scully X Files
Oldie but goodie, lets face it we were all obsessed with X Files at some point (some of us because of Mulder and some of us because of Scully). Be as it may, Gillian Anderson will make a return to big screens in the second X Files movie.

Chloë Annett aka Kristine Kochanski Red Dwarf
If you have not seen Red Dwarf well shame on you it is a brilliant show. Kristine Kochanski made an appearance in season 7 as the love of Lister’s life. Some argue the series suffered a decline towards the end, but Kochanski has Rimmer’s boots to fill and that was a tough job.

Claudia Black aka Aeryn Sun Farscape
Claudia Black rose into Sci-Fi prominence with her role as Officer Aeryn Sun on Farscape and then went on play Vala Mal Doran on Stargate SG-1. The attraction is a bit obvious.

Claudia Christian aka Susan Ivanova Babylon 5
Another oldie but goodie, Commander Susan Ivanova captured the attention of Sci-Fi boys for 4 seasons of Babylon 5. And if you need any more proof of her inherent hotness like Tricia Helfer she has a Playboy spread to prove it.

Ali Larter aka Niki Sanders Heroes
Although what made her famous was the whipped cream scene from Varsity Blues, Ali Larter came into her own with her role of former Internet stripper, whose hero power is superhuman strength and a bitchy alter ego Jessica.

Lucy Lawless aka Xena of Xena Warrior Princess
Another one with cult following Lucy Lawless ruled as Xena for 6 seasons. Nowadays you can see her as D’Anna Biers on Battlestar Galatica, where she manages to seduce Baltar away from the infamous Six. Ok, she might be hot, but that hot?

Freema Agyeman aka Martha Jones Dr. Who
The exotic looking Freema is regularly appearing on Dr. Who, but she was also featured in 3 episodes of Dr. Who spin off Torchwood. Hm David Tennant or John Barrowman, tough decision although I would always go with Barrowman.

Grace Park aka Sharon Valerii Battlestar Galactica
Oh Lord I have just realized we have 3 Cylons on the list. And if our list of things we have learned watching Battlestar Galactica is anything to go by, you do not want to piss off a Cylon. Heaven help me. Anyhow, Grace Park is the only Cylon on Battlestar Galatica that managed to procreate with a human, although why she picked Helo of all people I will never know. Or understand.

Kristen Johnson aka Sally Solomon Third Rock from the Sun
A long defunct sit-com about a group of aliens that come to Earth to study its lowly population, Sally Solomon was their military expert trapped in a body of an Amazon woman. And it was funny, after all the series did last for 6 seasons.

8 thoughts on “16 hottest ladies of Sci-Fi TV shows

  1. How about Yeoman Rand from Star Trek TOS- I know the series is old but she always shows up in a mini skirt.

    Another ST:TOS babe is Barbara Luna who played the “Captains Woman” in the episode “Mirror Mirror”.

  2. Yeoman Rand wasn’t a main character, and even still Dax was way hotter than she. Dax and Starbuck (from the new Battlestar Galactica) are much hotter than Gillian Anderson and Claudia Black, who I suppose are listed because of their show’s fan base. Oh, and MORENA BACCARIN trumps them ALL.





  3. what about the actress who played hosie(i think thats how you spell it) on enterprise what a babe.

  4. i think there are some greats missing from there like kate mulgrew aka captain kathryn janeway from star trek voyager
    jennifer lien aka kes from voyager
    samanth ferris aka nina jarvis thee 4400
    amanda tapping aka sam carter stargate sg1
    sort it out c’mon

  5. There’s three other women from Babylon 5 that should have been mentioned:

    Pat Tallman (Lyta Alexander)
    Mira Furlan (Delenn)
    Tracy Scoggins (Capt. Elizabeth Lochley)

    Ok, they’re all in their fifties now, but still, back in the B5 days, they looked amazing.

    Also, from Xena: Warrior Princess, there are three women of notice:

    Renee O’Connor (Gabrielle)
    Hudson Leick (Callisto)
    Claire Stansfield (Alti)

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