90210 spin off?!

Slap me on the arse and call me a silly sausage, I did not see this one coming.

Hollywood Reporter is well reporting that CW is preparing a spin off series. And while I would love to tell you the FBI Veronica Mars is finally going to see the light of the day, unfortunately that is not the case.
CW will make Beverly Hills 90210 spin off. I know, my thoughts exactly.

The good news is Rob Thomas has been approached to write the thingy. Now if anyone can make 90210 more hm palatable then it would be Rob Thomas, but still. I happened to catch a re-run of 90210 the other day and I just could not get over the fact how naff it really was (and I’m not talking about the clothes at the time).
We all know teen series are anything but realistic but lets face it – Brandon starts boozing, manages to crash his car, spends a night a jail and after some soul searching realizes he has a problem. All in one episode. Tssss!

It is still unclear if anyone from the original cast will make a reappearance, but it is not like anyone of them did anything worth while (I don’t count reality shows as worthwhile) since the show ended. I say bring them all back and give Thomas the free reign, I’m sure it will be miles darker then the original but it should be interesting enough to tune in.
Oh and some more good news for Rob Thomas, ABC has ordered a pilot for Cupid, critically acclaimed but short lived series Thomas wrote in 1998.
I’m really glad Rob Thomas has work lined up. Now if only someone would order new episodes of Veronica Mars.