Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday – Room 101

Image: BBC

Dear faithful readers happy Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday!

When I was thinking about what I can share with you today (can you believe we have been running Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday since last October? Goodness gracious me!) I decided I did not want to bore you with another one of my movie analysis.
So I turned to the ever dependable youtube to find some clips that might be of interest to you (and me).
And I did find quite a little gem I have to say – Stephen Fry on Room 101. It is rather more enjoyable then that dreadful Shrink talk or whatever the name was of that God awful thing.
Plus it is quite fun to see our lovely Mr. Fry get so heated around the collar… over a plate.
Not to mention he looks absolutely gorgeous and decidedly geeky at one point. What a wonderful combination. But thats enough of me being a fan girl, enjoy!

Stephen Fry on Room 101 – Part 1

Stephen Fry on Room 101 – Part 2

Stephen Fry on Room 101 – Part 3

Shameful TV confessions – everybody has one

Recent chat I had with Hawks in the comments section got me thinking. We both professed to be TV junkies and I for one know way too much TV trivia then what is considered normal (the amount of useless information I can store in dark recess of my brain is astounding).
And you know all that information had to come from somewhere. But before I even start I have been watching way too much Gordon Ramsey, damn and blast that man I have developed a severe case of potty mouth so I apologize in advance.

So it is time to fess up – what were some of your favorite shows when growing up?

I am not talking about the original Battlestar Galatica that would be too cool.
I’m talking about shows you would not be caught dead watching nowadays, shows you simply had to tape when you could not watch them (as on VCR that was back in the days TiVo and iTunes did not exist) – well you get the idea.
Since I’m one of the writers on this blog I will start although I am definitely risking my reputation here. Be as it may here it goes.

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20 famous faces – where have we seen them before?

We all know that many of the Hollywood’s finest had some bizarre jobs before they made it big in Hollywood. However I am not talking about Whoopi Goldberg’s putting make up on dead people.
I am talking about those odd acting jobs some of them were forced to take to pay the bills. And once I have started digging I did uncover a good few gems.

  • Terry O’ Quinn – Terry O’ Quinn was quite in-a-demand TV actor even before he landed his role of Locke on Lost. But did you know he made a regular appearance on JAG? In fact, much to my surprise in one episode he stared alongside Dr. Namaste (as I like to call him) from the Orientation movie. Coincidence? I think not.
  • Josh Holloway – my favorite Lost castaway Sawyer (well after Hurley). But did you know he was featured as thief in the Aerosmith’s Crying video and had a role on Walker, the Texas Ranger?
  • Harrison Ford – before he became Indy and Han Solo, did you know Harrison Ford stared in an episode of that old classic Dynasty? Indy on Dynasty now I have heard it all.
  • Pamela Anderson – had a regular stint on sit-com Home Improvement and was featured as Al Bundy’s dream girl in one of the episodes of Married with Children.

My 10 favorite Seinfeld episodes ever – what are yours?

Now who did not find Seinfeld funny? The phenomenal success of the show that made the actors millionaires many times over (can you imagine the royalty checks from the re-runs alone?) but is also responsible for the “Seinfeld curse” that Julia Louis Dreyfus finally managed to break with her sit-com The New adventures of Old Christine.
There were great debate over what is the best Seinfeld episode ever, there were many polls and surveys conducted as well, however I do have my personal favorites.
And more importantly what are your favorite Seinfeld episodes?

The Hamptons
The episode where worldwide female audience were exposed to the term “shrinkage”. Gang leaves the city for a weekend in the Hamptons where George’s girlfriend sunbathes topless and George has an itsy bitsy problem after leaving the pool.

The Sponge
Elaine has a bit of a problem when she realizes her favorite contraceptive will no longer be available so she stock piles it. However soon she realizes she will have to devise a system to decide if her latest conquest is sponge worthy or not.

The Soup Nazi
Jerry and the gang will have to listen to the Soup Nazi or “No soup for you”.

The Contest
Kramer, Elaine, George and Jerry decide to put have a contest with a bit of a twist to see who can be the master of his own domain the longest.

Serenity Now
Featuring Mr. Constanza’s war cry of Serenity now, Insanity later when Mrs Constanza was getting on his nerves I have to say this was one of the episodes that makes me giggle to this day.

The Pen
Jerry and Elaine visit Mr. and Mrs. Seinfeld in Florida. Jerry has a scuba accident, while Elaine needs to reach for painkillers after an uncomfortable night on the couch. My favorite because Elaine is doped up on painkillers she takes to imitating Marlon Brando and shouting “Steeeela”.

The Opposite
Another one of my favorites that sees George imposing a new tactic. George decides that in order to do something about his life he should go against every one of his instincts and do the opposite. On the other hand, Elaine turns into a female George while Jerry nicely evens things out by doing nothing.

The Marine Biologist
George lies that he is a marine biologist and accidentally manages to save a whale after his blowhole is obstructed by one of Kramer’s golf balls.

Yadda, Yadda, Yadda
George’s latest girlfriend has come up with a handy way to cover up all of her wrong doings, she simply abbreviates the nasty bits with yadda, yadda, yadda.

The Puffy Shirt
Kramer’s latest girlfriend who is a low talker gets Jerry to agree to wear one of her latest designs on the Today show. Unfortunately it is a puffy pirate shirt. George on the other hand finds a career in hand modeling.