11 reasons why reality shows suck

    How many Pussycat dolls does the world need?

  • To shamelessly borrow from Ben Elton – people who are interesting enough to watch on a reality show would never even consider being on one.
  • There is plenty of porn on the Internet, if you fancy watching silly blond getting her kit off and getting it on in a hot tub there is always Paris Hilton/Jessica Sierra/Pamela Anderson and their seemingly endless home movie collection
  • Although networks try to pass it off as being real and unscripted, reality shows are scripted. And scripted badly at that. Need proof? Hello – The Hills?!
  • Since when does people having seizures on telly constitutes as family entertainment?
  • Having said that, if seizures were faked ( as some would suggest) to get a sympathy vote, honestly how desperate do you have to be?
  • Only on reality shows sociopath can manage to keep a job longer then a week. Well on reality shows and in the Trump corporation, which as some would argue is one and the same.
  • Outwit, outlast, outplay – literate translation – stab in the back at any given opportunity.
  • The b****** of Pussycat dolls not only killed Veronica Mars, but Pussycat dolls will take over the planet. I mean how many members does a band actually need? If you presume we are talking pop band and not a symphonic orchestra.
  • In reality shows world also known as la-la land this constitutes a great idea. I wonder, if that is a good idea, what are the bad ones?
  • The latest reality show idea – lets see how Paris Hilton will find a new BFF. How does that work exactly? Is there an audition and then an elimination process? Or she hits the nearest bar and only consider those that are swinging from the chandeliers and/or too drunk to walk?
  • Reality shows have unleashed Omarosas/Hatches/Laurens/any given Pussycat doll onto the world and now they will float in ether forever and ever and ever.

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