In need of some therapy?

In Treatment is a peculiar beast. But then again most shows on HBO are – remember Oz?

And if you ever wondered what it would be like to eavesdrop on a shrink session, well it will give you a pretty good idea. The concept is unlike anything I have ever heard of, half an hour show each weekday for 9 weeks making 45 episodes in total.

The story revolves around therapist named Paul (played by Gabriel Byrne) who sees one patient in each episode while on Fridays he visits his own therapist (played by Dianne Wiest). Hey, sometimes even a shrink needs a bit of therapy.

In Treatment is based on Israeli drama “Be ‘Tipul”created by Hagai Levi. In Israel “Be ‘Tipul” won numerous awards and although I am not a big believer in adaptation, I do have to say In Treatment is brilliant.

Gabriel Byrne is absolutely fantastic (then again I’m hardly objective since I have been smitten with him ever since Miller’s crossing and The Usual suspect) and the cast of characters (Blair Underwood, Melissa George, Mia Wasikowska, Embeth Davidtz, Josh Charles and Dianne Wiest) is so diverse and unique they will hook you in a instant and leave you eager to learn what will happen during their next session.

When you think about it, it is a simple concept – one room and 2 people talking, but the complexity of each character, temperament, personality and most importantly how they relate to their therapist really does make for an interesting half an hour.

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