Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday – special announcement

Dear faithful readers happy Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday!

Today we have a semi-big announcement and before you get your knickers in a twist no Mr. Fry still has not agreed to our little Q and A. However the announcement is, well here it goes – we are going to East Anglia. Norwich to be exact.

It was a combination of things

  • desperate need to give our passports some action (and some new stamps)
  • change of scenery
  • never seeing East Anglia before
  • taste for the perfect pint (and some fish and chips)
  • English chaps with their delightful accents
  • seeing friends I have not seen in a while

And all I will say is God bless low cost airlines for enabling us to book tickets overseas dirt cheap and special offers by hotel chains.

The travel plans are still a bit foggy at this moment, we hope to manage to get Swaffham (where Kingdom is filmed) and I do hope to post you a picture of me looking all windswept and broody on that spectacular beach however experience has shown the best way to plan a trip is not to make too many plans in advance. Truth be told usually that way is the most fun way.

So we would like to invite any of you faithful readers who are local to the Norfolk area to
a) suggest any good pubs in the area, chip shops and any other attractions worth seeing

b) we would like to cordially invite you to join us for a beer once we settle on our watering
hole for the weekend

c) also although this is quite a stretch we would like to cordially invite Mr. Screwy sorry
Mr.Fry if he does get back from the States and if him and his arm can handle it to join
us as well for a beverage of his choice.

I do have to say in general we are well behaved bunch and I solemnly swear my days of making people take their shirts off are long gone :)

4 thoughts on “Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday – special announcement

  1. Norwich? Well, what can I say? You should really watch the complete series of Alan Partridge for all you need to know about Norfolk. And from now on, I will be quizzing you daily to see what you think about the pedestrianisation of Norwich city-centre.

  2. Oh Lord, pedestrianization goodness gracious me… and here I was thinking you might know a good pub tsss :)

    I’ll have to do some research and get back to you on that one, however as I have a tendency to lean green, I am all for it… besides Norwich seems too pretty of a city to be smothered in gas fumes…

    And Richard old chum feel free to join us common people for a pint after you tend to your friends numerous wounds… :)

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