11 reasons why reality shows suck

    How many Pussycat dolls does the world need?

  • To shamelessly borrow from Ben Elton – people who are interesting enough to watch on a reality show would never even consider being on one.
  • There is plenty of porn on the Internet, if you fancy watching silly blond getting her kit off and getting it on in a hot tub there is always Paris Hilton/Jessica Sierra/Pamela Anderson and their seemingly endless home movie collection
  • Although networks try to pass it off as being real and unscripted, reality shows are scripted. And scripted badly at that. Need proof? Hello – The Hills?!
  • Since when does people having seizures on telly constitutes as family entertainment?
  • Having said that, if seizures were faked ( as some would suggest) to get a sympathy vote, honestly how desperate do you have to be?
  • Only on reality shows sociopath can manage to keep a job longer then a week. Well on reality shows and in the Trump corporation, which as some would argue is one and the same.
  • Outwit, outlast, outplay – literate translation – stab in the back at any given opportunity.
  • The b****** of Pussycat dolls not only killed Veronica Mars, but Pussycat dolls will take over the planet. I mean how many members does a band actually need? If you presume we are talking pop band and not a symphonic orchestra.
  • In reality shows world also known as la-la land this constitutes a great idea. I wonder, if that is a good idea, what are the bad ones?
  • The latest reality show idea – lets see how Paris Hilton will find a new BFF. How does that work exactly? Is there an audition and then an elimination process? Or she hits the nearest bar and only consider those that are swinging from the chandeliers and/or too drunk to walk?
  • Reality shows have unleashed Omarosas/Hatches/Laurens/any given Pussycat doll onto the world and now they will float in ether forever and ever and ever.


People, we’ve talked about Ross the Intern before. Roberta wrote a whole post about him and we love him. Watch his coverage of the Oscars and enjoy, he sure enjoys himself! Be careful you might pee in your pants!

Competition Is Getting Though – Star Wars Review

Today, when every blogger is a journalist and each and every person has an opinion on everything (why aren’t you expressing yours in the comments section?), it gets hard to write something each and every day. Also, when you consider that your point of view has to be smart, researched and welt thought off (thank God I don’t have such problems!), the issue becomes even more difficult. When I saw the following video I seriously got an attack of Inferiority Syndrome of Fry’s proportions and considered putting down my keyboard. Her review of Star Wars rivals some of my articles! And she is only three years old. Enjoy!

Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday – Podgram


I never really understood peoples obsession with celebrities. I founpodgramd them pathetic, sick even; but ever since I developed my fascination for everything Fry I can understand why and how ones life can get out of his or hers control. Do not get me wrong, I do not have any plans to take my lawn chair and go sit in front of our protagonist’s apartment waiting for him to show his face, but taking into consideration human obsessive nature I’m begining to understand how some people might loose themselves in someone else’s life.

The reason why I’m babbling about nutjobs lacking human contact, is the shock and awe I felt when I heard Mr. Fry published his podcast without me knowing about it! The shock is even grater when you take into consideration that I listen to about dozen podcasts each week. I have my daily’s and weekly’s. In fact I listened to podcasts from the time far, far away, circa 2005, when podcasts were called netcasts. Yes I’m that old. Believe it or not, I even remember the time before iPod and iTunes, before Steve Jobs’ second coming and the time of Apple Newton (that reference is for Mr. Fry, probably the original Apple Fan Boy). So as soon as Roberta told me about the podcast I took it on myself to review Mr. Fry’s latest masterpiece.

As an expert on podcasting, I feel relatively competent in saying that Stephen Fry’s podgram is one of the best netcast productions I’ve heard. The honesty that oozes from his words I have never before heard in a podcast. During this conversation, I felt he spoke to each and every one of us individually, you feel like the time stops and there’s no one else in the world but you and this inexhaustible intellect. I felt proud of him, sad for him, in pain with him. Those twenty some minutes we shared together made me see his brilliance and my shortcomings. I have never before, heard such a beautiful mind speak.

I do not want for this post to sound like a love letter, and seriously I have no plans to sit in front of Mr. Fry’s apartment waiting for the glimpse of him, but if you want to spend half an hour with one of the best wordsmiths in the world, download his podcast, get cozy and enjoy.

Seriously, I don’t even have a lawn!