Mistresses – Desperate Housewives minus Botox

God bless England – at least their writers are not on strike.
And it has to be said BBC does come up with good series, although their latest hit Mistresses smells a bit like an English version of Desperate Housewives. Minus the Botox and Teri Hatcher of course.

Hell you can even see some wobbly bits, not much but still you have got to love BBC – they actually hire actresses and actors that look normal.
The story centers around Trudy (played by Sharon Small) who lost her husband during 9/11 attacks and is coping with her life as a widow, Siobhan (played by Orla Brady) and her husband are desperately trying to conceive, Kathy (Sarah Parish) is a doctor who had an affair with her dying patient while Jessie (Shelley Conn) is a party planner with a taste for sleeping with her superiors.
The plot is tad more realistic and little less predictable (as you can notice I have said only a tad bit) then that of Desperate Housewives and as I said actresses look like normal women rather then starved anorexics who had one liposuction too many. Part drama, part thriller with a good few sex scenes thrown in for a good measure Mistresses make for an easy and undemanding viewing material.

It is not the best thing that has come out of BBC nor it is turdilicious turd but it will do.