Rubbing My Nose

As some of you might have noticed we’ve been quiet for last couple of days. It is not because we’ve stuffed ourselves over Christmas holidays so much we couldn’t have been asked to write something, but because we left town for a week and we are enjoying sun like those lizards you can see in the zoo. We went overseas, I will not say where cause I’m afraid the hoards of our fans might overwhelm this small town. As liable as I am, I might pull a Britney and drive from one gas station to the next all night.

While here, we’ve been working very hard to make our little blog even better next year. Well I haven’t been working hard but Roberta has. All day long she has been writing in her little notebook and rubbing my nose in the articles she wrote. The joke’s on her, I have a cold and my nose needs constant attention smile_devil.

From the coast Roberta, F.L. and I whish you happy holidays.

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