Blast from the past – Golden Girls

Last week episode of Ugly Betty (if you have not seen last week’s Ugly Betty do, I think it was one of the most hilarious episodes up to date, I was literally weeping with laughter) gave me an idea for our Blast from the Past section so I present to you Golden Girls.

Now I know I’m risking my reputation by stating quite obviously that I love something so naff, but I thought and still think the Golden Girls were hilarious. When you think about it, I dont know the pitch for the show would hold muster these days in Hollywood – 4 elderly ladies living together in Florida, however be as it may, the interactions were great, one-liners were delightful and some scenes were wet-your-pants-funny.

For those of your born after the heyday of Golden Girls it is a story about Dorothy Zbornak (played by Beatrice Arthur), her mum Sophia Petrillo (played by Estelle Getty), Blanche Deveraux (played by Rue McClanahan) and Rose Nylund (played by Betty White).

Dorothy was hard and cynical, Sophia was in my opinion hilarious with her stories that usually started with “Picture it… Sicily”, Blanche with her rampant sex life goes to show there just might be sex life after 60 and dim-witted Rose with her St. Olaf stories mixed together made a great telly cocktail.

The show run for 7 seasons (from 1985 until 1992) and is still in syndication which should tell you something about its popularity and the awards it has received during its 7 years run are too numerous to count. Not only was it funny, but it tackled many of the subjects never tackled before on telly such as impotence, senility, suicide but the episode hat ruffled many feathers in its day was when Rose had to have HIV test after she received untested blood transfusion.

One thing is for sure, Golden Girls were never boring. So if you are looking for a sit-com that is actually funny unlike the sit-coms of today is do give Golden Girls a chance.