Sunday news tidbits and links

  • Good heavens, writers – execs negotiations break down AGAIN – will someone please slap them and get them back at the table?
  • Ausiello learns why Cutthroat Bitch was fired on House, plus you can learn more about House post-Super bowl episode on his podcast
  • Ross Mathews is shopping for a Christmas sweater – hilarious
  • Kiefer Sutherland life behind bars includes laundry duty; hm jail should be a piece of piss for infamous Jack Bauer although I don’t know how he’ll deal being without a cell phone
  • Our lovely Mr. Fry has a new Guardian column up (talking about the virtues of Firefox) and he also reveals the secret behind his weight loss, OK who in the world manages to quit smoking and not pile on pounds at the same time, hello?!