TV’s favorite villains

Sylar from Heroes – did you see the last episode of Heroes? Sylar is back baby and not a minute too soon. Have you noticed how crappy Heroes were until Sylar got back into the picture? That show absolutely thrives on a good villain and Sylar definitely tops my list. Given, it can be a bit gross sometimes what with the opening of brains like a can of beans, however Heroes would not be Heroes without the gross factor and Sylar is the villain we have grown to love over the time. Not to mention he is decidedly hot too.

Ultimate evil moment – hm too many to count, but killing his own mum would be somewhere near the top of the list

Gaius Baltar – although we have to wait until April next year for new episodes of Battlestar Galatica it does not mean I have forgotten about my favorite villain (that was before Sylar came into the picture, now he is bumped into number 2 slot). And when you think about it you cannot get more evil then wiping out entire human race because you have fancied a shag with a Cylon. OK, it was Six, but still. What I love about Gaius is that he can weasel his way out of anything (remember season 1? It was one weasely save after another). Well that and that watery-eyed and decidedly pathetic look Gaius gets when his life is threatened.

Ultimate evil moment – hm wiping out human race and ditching Six for Xena afterwards tssss

Ben from Lost – who would have thought that manipulative little weasel locked in the hatch would turn out to be the head honcho of Others? But you have got to give it to the Lost producers they know how to make us sit on the edge of the seats (from time to time). Plus anyone who has the audacity to shoot Locke, well naughty naughty naughty. I’m glad that particular plan backfired on Ben’s ass.

Ultimate evil moment – pushing Locke into a pit and shooting him

Newman from Seinfeld – goodness gracious me; how can anyone forget Jerry Seinfeld’s face when he said “Hello Newman”? Ok Newman has nowhere near the coolness factor Sylar has but he was deliciously wicked, you have to give him that. Not too shabby accomplishment for a postal worker.

Ultimate evil moment – giving Jerry the fleas

Wilhelmina Slater (Ugly Betty) – if there is one woman I would bet good money that could bitch slap Alexis (of Dynasty fame) into oblivion that it would be our old Willy. And even though she might not open other people brains like the can of beans, do not let Jimmy Choos fool you, old Willy is as bad as they get. Even though she is only in magazine publishing.

Ultimate evil moment – locking Posh up; or that could also be considered as the ultimate goody act

YED (or Yellow Eyed Demon) from Supernatural – even though YED has been banished to the pits of hell (or wherever demons go when they cease to exist) I guess he does deserve an honorable mention, although one could argue he is a demon so it does not count. Well since he is responsible for the demise of Papa Winchester that makes him extra evil in my book.

Ultimate evil moment – topping off Papa Winchester

T-Bag from Prison Break – there are plenty of bad fellas on Prison Break but T-Bag takes the biscuit altogether. Not only he is vile and evil but he is also quintessentially gross with that hat (not a cute look I might add). Among tough competition he has managed to come on top of the evil pile.

Ultimate evil moment – forcing his toyboys to tag around holding the insides of his pocket.

Honorary mentions:

  • Alexis Carrington (from Dynasty)
  • J. R. Ewing (from Dallas)
  • Tony Soprano and his gang (from The Sopranos)
  • Charles Montgomery Burns (from Simpsons)
  • Adebisi (from Oz)

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