Jericho returns on February 12th

Finally after long last the airdate for Jericho has been set. So mark your calendars for February 12th 2008 and start recruiting new viewers.
Its make or break time fellow Jericho enthusiasts and there is no time to spare.

There are good news and bad news.
The good news is that the show is finally returning and we will get some answers (unlike with Lost). I will not give too much away, however we will learn who was behind the bombs and why did they go off in the first place.

The bad news is that there are only 7 episodes and the cast and crew has filmed an alternative ending in case Jericho does not get renewed for 3rd season. Ok in theory it should give us some closure and I applaud their commitment to the fans (remember that whole CW fiasco with Veronica Mars and how until the last minute we did not know will it be a season finale or a series finale?)
So there is good and bad and with the writers strike it could go either way.

However here is to the alternative ending not seeing the light of the day. And I’m sure Jericho rangers will back me up on that one.
Oh and be on the look-out for nuts, as a sign of thanks to the fans they will plainly visible all through season 2.

But lets concentrate on the positive, start recruiting viewers and mark down February 12th.