Gossip Girl – Another Chance


A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article in which I described Gossip Girl as useless. In fact I called it “Perez Hilton meets OC and One Tee Hill”. Lets just say that some of you who know me (in the spirit of the show lets call you A.) disagreed with me passionately. In fact in one email I was called unreasonable and unfair (I was glad doody-head wasn’t used). Finally, after reading this article on theTVaddict.com in which Gossip Girl is described as the best new show this season, I decided to give it another chance.

To be totally fair in my assessment, I logged into my iTunes account and downloaded past three episodes. Additionally, I made a decision to watch them in their entirety from beginning to end, without pause or fast-forwarding. I’m proud to say I did it!

So what did I conclude after 3 hours of Gossip Girl? First of all my new TV is brighter than the old one, I need to buy a new couch cause this one is becoming lumpy and turd is always a turd. You can spray it with rose scented perfume, but a turd always stinks! Poor little rich teens and their problems. Why, oh why, are their parents so cruel and why does B. have that dress when G. (or some other letter of the alphabet) doesn’t? How come, that in shows like this, teens are always more mature than their screwed up parents? Maybe it’s all that self-medicating mixed with alcohol that enables them to make all the right decisions? Wait a minute, their parents are druggies as well, so that cant be it. Oh, who cares!

I’m sorry but I do not get this show. It promotes substance abuse, alcoholism, teenage sex and eating disorders. You know it is a sad day when I have to be a moral compass. Just cancel their ass and bring back Veronica Mars! Oh, CW when are you going to learn?