The season so far

If everything was alright in La-la land we would be in the midst of November sweeps. Although the writers and the producers are in negotiations again there are only so many episodes left (check out Ausiello’s handy list, you know in case they do not reach a deal and if you are like me worried how many episodes of House you can look forward to). Lets take a look at the season so far.

Pleasantly surprised

Ugly Betty – well I have to say the writers of Ugly Betty have come out on top so far this year. It is still Betty as we know it, a bit corny and bitter sweet, however the pace has picked up and it is sooo much funnier this year don’t you think?

House – I was a bit worried about the whole reality TV experiment. However, not only the writers have managed to pull it off but we have had the first ever case of lupus in 3-something years yay! (as we all know it is never lupus). Hugh Laurie is still brilliant as ever, the new additions do make a great mix, however I have to admit I do miss the original 3.

Unpleasantly surprised

Heroes – Goodness gracious me! I know Tim Kring apologized for the crappiness so far and the pace has picked up of late, but it is still a far cry from the Heroes we have all grown to love over the last year. Hiro with the princess lark, cheerleader with the flying dude and the twins por favor don’t even get me started on the twins, at least in Ugly Betty you know you are watching a piece of telenovela.

Grey’s anatomy – I’m not feeling it at all. Remember how emotionally charged it was in the second season? This is just meh. Ok last week there was finally some gushing blood and disgusting injuries and whatnot, but it is a far cry from the Grey we have grown accustomed to.

On the fence

Supernatural – do not get me wrong I really like the Winchester boys. The whole premise that Sam is the Antichrist himself; well that is an interesting spin. And while the last week episode was a bit too gruesome for my taste (now that’s a first, it does take a fair bit to gross me out but in my defense I am having stomach problems for the past week or so) for some reason I’m not that enthusiastic about Supernatural this year. I was expecting buckets of blood and demons everywhere and all sorts of things. After all they have opened up the gates of hell, am I a bit foolish to think it would be more hm interesting then this?

Reaper – it has potential to be a really good show, but all the episodes I have seen so far, well they are all the same aren’t they? Or have I perhaps missed something?

So what is your opinion, the good and the bad this season?