Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday – Jeeves and Wooster

Dear faithful readers happy Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday!

Things I have learned watching Jeeves and Wooster

  • Jeeves can solve any conundrum
  • Butler is incorrect term, the correct term is valet or my favorite – a gentleman’s
  • Spitty, Spotty, Stiffy and Stinky are not actual names
  • The aforementioned nicknames usually belong to members of aristocracy
  • Courting rituals of 21st century – no rules apply although a minimum of agreement should exist between the 2 parties in the affair of engagement and/or marriage
  • Courting rituals of 1930s – female would simply inform the unsuspecting male that
    they will in fact marry
  • You can train children to say anything if you have plenty of toffee
  • Behind any Spitty, Spotty, Stiffy and Stinky there is an uncle or aunt that gives
    her/him the allowance
  • Finknottle, Cheesewright and Fittleworth do not connote defamatory nicknames nor it means someone is taking a piss, these are actual surnames
  • Stars are not stars, but God’s daisy chains
  • Once upon a time to rent a flat in Manhattan would set you back only 500$
  • Inappropriate attire and/or grooming habits according to Jeeves: white navy mess jackets with gold buttons (favorite attire for waiters of hotel establishments in south of France); Tirol hats, white gangster hats; PJs at lunchtime and/or any type of facial hair
  • All potential and wanna-be dictators have a penchant for female lingerie
  • What ho and tiddle pip can be used as greetings
  • Stephen Fry looks splendid in drag
  • Hugh Laurie can actually sing (sorry Mr. Fry!)

Goodbye Blogger

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