Do forgive me, football crazy at the moment

I do apologize my faithful readers, I simply could not write a coherent post tonight, as there is a big football game on (soccer for all of you Americans), so I’m writing this while biting my nails and shouting like a mad woman… it is qualifying game for Euro 2008… well nevermind… here are some things you might find interesting while I get back at shouting profanities.

Oprah’s list of favorite things… goodness gracious me, I’d kill for those eco-cleaning products and bath stuff… but my mum would kill for that fridge

And it seems Ross the Intern shares my enthusiasm, do pay him a visit, he gave me a bit of a fright last week when he thought they were all going to get the sack on The Tonight Show, honestly they cannot sack Ross!

Here is an article about our lovely Mr. Fry winning an Emmy for his documentary – congratulations again

Spoilers from the king of scoop Ausiello

And some more from Kristin at Eonline

Check out news and spoilers from the Battlestar Galactica convention at the Roadrunnerdm

David Chase says no to a Sopranos movie

Here is a great list how to survive the writers strike

Be still my heart, Hasselhoff in talks to reprise his role as Knight Rider

Review on the latest film based on Stephen King’s book “Mist”, it has a spoiler, I didnt read till the end

Poniewozik’s review of BSG Razor, can you believe I have not seen it yet saving it for the weekend