Which movies tickle your fancy?

Every year great number of movies are released however not many of them, in fact rare few live up to the hype. These are just few of the movies that have tickled my fancy sufficiently enough to make myself check them out.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – well of course this list would not be complete without Indy (am I the only one who thinks this title seems like bit of a mouthful?)

Of course I cant wait to see the latest Indy, who doesn’t? Indy was one of those characters that I loved when I was growing up so that should tell you something about Harrison Ford’s age. However I’m sure he will be as flexible as ever. I cannot find more adequate words then simply Its Indy and its got to be good.

I Am Legend – well now this movie is altogether a different prospect. The entire humanity has been killed by a virus of some sort and Will Smith is the only man alive. If that is not enough of a scary prospect it seems there are some type of dark creatures/flesh eating zombies that are coming after him. It is a 3rd movie based on the book by the same name and I have to say I’m intrigued as to how Will Smith will pull it off.

Brave One – Jodie Foster plays a woman whose fiancé gets mugged and killed while she is beaten by the inch of her life. She goes ape shit basically and turns vigilante killing any criminal that crosses her path. It seems like an extreme role for Foster, but if anyone could pull it off then its her.

American Gangster – ah well Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe cannot make a bad movie. Well hopefully. And from what I have read so far the reviews are good. Denzel Washington plays a drug dealer that is shipping drugs from Far East in the coffins of dead US soldiers and Russell Crowe is the cop on his ass. Based on a true story and another conformation life makes much stranger fiction then any book possibly could, I think I’m going to enjoy my popcorn with this one.

Vantage Point – this one will not be released until February next year, however I was a bit intrigued by the storyline and the cast. It is a movie about an attempted assassination of a president told from 5 different perspectives. And the cast, well Dennis Quaid, John Hurt, Matthew Fox and Forest Whittaker should add up for some interesting viewing.

Stardust – I don’t go much for fantasy I have to admit, but Stardust has Ricky Gervais, how can I resist it? And I almost forgot it also has DeNiro and Michelle Pfeiffer and Peter O’Toole. I do not plan to become a fantasy freak anytime soon, but I will check out this one.

Run Fatboy Run – I always had great fondness for British movies, both big ones and small ones. This one stars Simon Pegg as a guy who ditches his pregnant fiancé at the altar (played by Thandie Newton, I know like anyone would ever leave her) and 5 years down the road he realizes she is his one true love. A bit of romance, some good old British comedy and postcards from my favorite spots in London, of course I had to put it on the list.

Sex and the City – ah well, me thinks I will simply have to watch this movie like most of female 18 to 60 demographic. I do hope it will live up to the expectation.

Anyone has any other suggestions?