Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday – have you been Fry-ed?

Dear faithful readers, happy Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday!


Today is the day of the International Emmy’s and you might or might not know that Mr. Fry’s splendid documentary “The Secret Life of Manic Depressive” has been nominated in the best documentary category.

I thought about writing a post about that however I decided against it for 2 simple reasons

a) last week has been somewhat crappy for me so I think we need something cheerful and

b) I could not come up with any adequate words apart from absolutely marvelous and that really does not do it justice.

So I have decided to come up with something different.

I have only one question for you – have you been Fry-ed?


How to know you have been Fry-ed


  • you suddenly start to remember that long lost and forgotten words drummed into your brain by your English teachers, words I might add you never thought you might even use in a sentence. Some examples that come to mind are: comport, flout

  • sudden realization that Mr. Fry has knocked off Michael Palin from the top spot as your favorite documentary maker

  • impulsive watching of any program, movie, TV show or series that features Mr. Fry (hell you can even watch V for Vendetta and Spice Girls the movie with new found enthusiasm)

  • you start to unload any type of Mr. Fry’s work on unsuspecting friends and family members with words “You simply have to see this” (and more often then not they do enjoy it)

  • new found appreciation for all things Apple

  • the ability to read one of Mr. Fry’s 8000 words blessays in single sitting even though your eyes are beginning to water from the strain

  • you get personally offended when aforementioned friends and family find Moab is my Washpot difficult to follow (I believe my defense was extra exuberant stream of consciousness, I know, I know I don’t know where I come up with this nonsense either)

  • you do not find it beneath you to flirt with a spotty youth working at your favorite book store and you do not mind flashing a bit of leg so you can get your hands on a copy of Mr. Fry book (all I will say, thank God I was wearing a skirt since a) it would not be possible to pull the same maneuver in trousers and b)I have little or no cleavage to flash)

  • terms such as Damn hot or shpexy that were formerly used to describe easy-on the eye actors (to pull a name out of a hat Hugh Laurie) are used to describe Mr. Fry

These are my symptoms, do you have any? Have you been Fry-ed?


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4 thoughts on “Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday – have you been Fry-ed?

  1. I have. It’s yes to pretty much all of those. Except new found appreciation for Apple. My love of macs is much older.

  2. Ah jolly good, I’m glad I am not the only one to experience the symptoms…it is kind of a nice condition to have isnt it? :)

  3. Yes!
    I have practically all of these. My friends are constantly getting updates on Stephen fry, his books, documentaries and old shows I just discovered.
    I have been Fry-ed for easily a year now, not that long but I am only a fickle teenager after all.I am glad also to know that others share my enthusiasm. :)

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