Which book – which movie?

Reading Washpot has got me thinking, what book would you like to see made in a movie?

It is a bit of a problem for me, not only am I a snarky cow, but I can be a nitpicker so if by chance a book I do like gets to be made in a movie… well lets just say I greatly dislike it when they don’t stick to the plot. Now that does get my knickers in a twist.

Books that made good movies

Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk made a great movie, one of my all time favorites in fact. This might be cheating a bit, as Shawshank Redemption was made based on a short story by Stephen King, but still it is another all time favorite (Green Mile wasn’t half as bad as well).

Then there was Lord of the Rings, and although I am not SUCH a huge fan of Tolkien still it was nice to see something I have read as a child so meticulously made. I’m sure if it were any director but Peter Jackson it would have been butchered.

I do love Harry Potter and I did love the first few movies, but the last one was simply appalling. It felt like they took all the bad bits from the book and ignored the good bits. And no disrespect to Michael Gambon but in my mind Dumbledore will always have a face of Richard Harris (in or out, dead or alive).

Books that made good mini-series

Mini-series is a good way to bring a book to the screen. The time span is somewhat longer then a regular movie (although nowadays if a movie is less then 2 and half hours I do feel robbed).

Agatha Christie was one of my favorite authors when I was growing up, so I’m still a stickler for her adaptations with David Suchet. Then there is of course P. G. Wodehouse with his Jeeves and Wooster in somewhat similar vein.

And then there is Stephen King. Anyone who has ever read Stand, how do you transfer all of that on screen without enraging fans and faithful readers? Some attempts were good (Tommyknockers) while some were plain disastrous (It).

Book that would make a great movie

Ben Elton‘s Dead Famous. Maybe it is not the best piece of literature ever written, but it would make an excellent movie. A most thrilling whodunit – murder takes place live on air of a reality show and still the killer is elusive. Don’t worry it is not about anything paranormal, just brilliantly clever.

Besides his book Inconceivable was made into a pretty decent movie Maybe baby (all House fanatics beware!) with Hugh Laurie.

And a man who wrote Black Adder cant do no wrong in my book.

So which book would you like to see on the big screen?