Linky link for some great reading and vote for Ross Mathews

I do apologize our faithful readers I have been so absorbed in my copy of Moab is my Washpot that I have a horrible case of back pain although I didn’t break my record (I have managed to read the last Harry Potter book in 24 hours). My head is so full of Mr. Fry’s adolescent’s troubles it is difficult to concentrated.

So instead of giving you a brief summary of the book, I will give you something else some interesting stories I have stumbled upon, so you can click away.

Deadline Hollywood Daily brings great stories from the picket lines in Hollywood, my favorite being the chant “More Money – Less Moonves” now that gave me a good giggle (Moonves was the one who allegedly cancelled Veronica Mars, glad to know I’m not the only one holding a grudge against the man)

Some good news straight from Ausiello – Enrico Colantoni is guest staring on Numbers, yay!

For all the boys – TV Squad brings you the list of TV’s hottest women over 40

Kristen from Eonline talks about Heroes and the rumor Tim Kring was fired from the show

TV with MeeVee talks about what 24 can learn from Prison Break

Jon Steward is mighty decent although they are trying to cover it up

Oh and I have a request as well. You know that I am a Talky blog fan… you know Ross Mathews from the Tonight Show… anyhow he is up for 2007 Webaward as a best celebrity blogger. So you can click here and vote for Ross, I mean I would not be able to stand it if Donald Trump got more votes, Ross is much funnier (among other things). No, I will leave it alone, this begs for a wise crack of some sort, so I will just keep quiet.

So this is it people, I have to get back to my washpot.