A UN Of Insults And Profanities

As it is Monday, once again it is:

Stephen Fry Appreciation Day

I want to apologize to you all. I sat down a couple of hours ago to write this article and it simply didn’t go right. I started writing about QI, Mr. Fry’s game show. I finished writing about Moab Is My Washpot and in the middle I called all Germans a Highfalutin Jerrys; myself, by Mr. Fry’s pet word, a Cunt; USA and Paris Hilton were mentioned here and there; Starbucks and so on. All and all, a UN of insults and profanities.

So instead I decided to write this public service announcement. I know our illustrious Mr. Fry will appreciate this effort. November is a National Novel Writing Month. The idea behind this is for every single one of us to write a novel in November. It doesn’t have to be good, just sit your overgrown ass down and write 50.000 words. Don’t edit, just write. Get it down to paper, or computer file, your choice. See what it takes to write a novel. All dozen or so of you who are reading this post join me and we will do it together. Go to National Novel Writing Month website and pledge. Be my writing buddy and we’ll do it together. It’s not late to join and start typing. If nothing else you will be able to say you have a first draft of a novel. Type people, type!


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