Writers going on strike

Opinions are like arseholes, everybody has one. So keep it in mind and bear with me. I am by all means no expert but since the writers strike is imminent unless some sort of miracle takes place, the effects of it will be enormous. And I’m not only talking about being deprived from Conan O’Brien or House.

It is only normal Hollywood is currently in state of disarray. And I’m not only talking about writers and the networks. It is expected that both LA and state of California will suffer blows to its economy (hello to all of our readers in California, thanks for popping by, I do use Google analytics that’s why I know you see). Writers and directors, execs and actors, lorry drivers and caterers, dry-cleaners and dog trainers, all will be affected.

Are the writers simply being greedy? I mean they do make thousands of dollars every year and then there is the residual income from every DVD sold. Are they simply greedy buggers?

I think not. No industry is as fickle as entertainment industry. Just look at the number of pilots that don’t make it to full season. Look at the number of shows put on permanent hiatus (exec talk for there is no more folks, just look at what happened to Jericho and Veronica Mars). One day you write for Buffy the Vampire slayer next day you are out of a job. And you don’t get many second chances in Hollywood no matter how good you are (unless you are Rob Thomas of course).

Does it seem foolish to want to have something to fall on? I think not. After all they did write the blasted thing, why should networks get all the money? And writers get 4 to 8 cents for every DVD sold. Person who manufactures the box gets 50 cents.

And then there is the new platforms, new media, call it what you wish debate. New distribution platforms are getting stronger by the day. It seems to me like common business sense to take it into consideration.

Networks argue some, many or all platforms might bomb in a few years but then again they might not. Writers would have to have no common and/or no business sense not to negotiate the terms. In fact with the speed technology is expanding even if they reach some sort of a compromise my bet is it will look foolish and out-dated 5 years down the road.

It takes a lot to make a good TV show. From lighting to directing, from appropriate background music to the look on an actor’s face.

And while I love America Ferrera being all clumsy, Hugh Laurie being all distant or Jensen Ackles kicking ass, words are the finale glue that make us love or loathe a TV show.

Where would Supernatural be without its smart ass one-liners, where would House be without the snarkiness and I ask you where would CSI Miami be without Horatio-isms? The words make us giggle, weep or cringe in embarrassment. And just for the record even reality shows are scripted. Edited yup, but scripted as well.

It does not take a lot to string a sentence together. But to string words together, have the viewers react with any kind of emotion and come back week after week for more… now that takes talent.