Most cringe-inducing TV moments

Have you ever watched television and the scene that was unfolding was so cringe-worthy you had to avert your eyes because you simply could not stand it?
There were a few scenes that just made me simultaneously cringe and retch at the same time and then there were some that were simply painful to watch.

Ricky Gervais is the king of awkward. He is the cringe master extraordinaire. The British version of The Office was sometimes, well most of the time absolutely painful to watch. And Extras are not far behind either. All hail to Ricky Gervais the master of inappropriate speech, awkward pauses and cringe moments galore – you have to love him.

I love Veronica Mars, I do. However there was one moment that made me shut my eyes and cringe in horror. Veronica Mars fans do you know which moment I am talking about? When lovely Logan threw a party for his then girlfriend Parker. Do you remember that God-awful cake with their picture on it? See I cant even remember it without shuddering with horror.

Ugly Betty is so good this season I love it. But to stick with the cringe factor do you remember that first episode when Daniel tried to get Betty to quit and they made her wear those God-awful PVC hot pants for the fashion shoot? Oh God I felt her pain, plain uncomfortable and heartbreaking at the same time.

George-Izzie romance or Gizzie as some call it. It seems terribly weird and incestuous somehow and Grey’s anatomy did have some weird over the years. And the few times they have sort of leaned in for a kiss, oh heavens help me please just stop!

Yeah I know Heroes is super popular and everybody loves the cheerleader, but please can she stop flying about with the Flying guy? I understand they are trying to make it all romantic and whatnot, but I prefer bones sticking out and toes growing back.

I watched a total of 2 episodes of Apprentice but then I had to stop as it simply wasn’t good for my health. Seriously. I don’t know what was worse the suck-ups sucking up or Donald Trump dispensing his almighty opinion and advice. Their boardroom moments were oh Lordy there are no words to describe. Cringe, cringe, cringe!

Paris Hilton on David Letterman, is there anyone on the planet who hasn’t seen that? He did rip her a new a**hole if you’ll pardon my French. But cringe-inducing as it was, it was nice to see someone had the cajones to not fall for her PR load of bollocks.