My latest discovery – Talky blog

Dear people who come to read our blog I want to say 2 things a) thanks for popping by and do stop by more often and b) I think an apology is in order.

Let me elaborate! I pride myself on staying current with all the TV’s coolest things (that must be the Bull/Cow in me that is the dedicated consumer). Anyhow I think an apology is in order I still dont understand how this persona managed to stay under my radar for so long. Do you know who I am talking about?

Ross Matthews of the Talky blog fame or more correctly Ross the Intern from the Tonight show with Jay Leno. Goodness gracious me that guy absolutely and inexplicably cracks me up! And I think his dog is the most precious thing (well after my dog and cats).

I don’t know why I have this new found affection, it might be due to the fact he reminds me of my Estonian dancing buddy from England (now if there is one person who can shake his booty to Enrique Iglesias then it is my dancing buddy darling) but nonetheless I don’t understand how everyone does not know about this guy. His Talky blog is OMG… I mean yesterday he showed us how to clear sinuses… Helloooo! But my favorite one by far is when he talks to a pet psychic… it had me in stitches!

Now when I think about it I have this dreadful job interview today and instead of going corporate I should apply to be the Intern’s intern. I mean I have all the qualifications – I am excellent with dogs, I do not mind grossness one bit plus I can locate a restroom (for when you have to you know go as in “go”, blog buddies will know what I am talking about) in a 5 mile radius.

Hilarious, a bit gross but never boring thats Ross Mathews for you, do check it out, he will tickle you pink.