7 guys our mums (secretly) think are hot

There is no accounting for taste, we all know that. And I should definitely shut up on the subject of taste since some of my objects of fancy left my best friends reeling in shock… however instead of just making a boring list of plain old hot guys I have decided to give it some thought and come up with a list of guys our respective mums would fancy. Mind you I did a bit of research (read – I have spoken to my mum) so I have come up with the following list of guys that probably tickle our mums fancy. Goodness gracious me, that does sound a bit filthy doesn’t it? But anyhow with age comes experience and wisdom so perhaps they might be seeing something that us females in the 18 to 35 demographic might be missing. But don’t worry there are some plain old hot guys in the list, so there will be plenty of eye candy.

James Gandolfini aka Tony Soprano – the first guy my mum has mentioned. I personally can understand the appeal to an extent what with him being a mob boss sorry that should read having his waste management business. Maybe being a mob wife would have its charms plus there are all those lovely Italian pasta lunches to look forward to. On the sex appeal scale however this one is a mystery. Although it did solve a mystery why I have a bit of strange taste in men.

Hugh Laurie aka Greg House – now this one is a bit obvious. I do think my favorite curmudgeon is rather scrumptious. Me thinks it is a combination of motherly instincts, faith that he can be reformed plus an extensive medical knowledge that makes Hugh Laurie such an interesting and lets be frank hot prospect.

Denzel Washington – well Denzel is one of my mum’s longest standing crushes although she will only admit to it under duress. I do understand, Denzel is after all Denzel. But it does depend on the role he plays, mum loved him in Fallen but hated him in Training Day (her exact words were why did you make me watch that, its so off putting).

Patrick Dempsey aka Derek Shepherd – another doctor on the list and a bit obvious doctor at that. Must be the whole Mer-Der drama and his tormented suffering, him saving her from drowning, being an excellent brain surgeon plus he is extremely good looking with that floppy hair of his ( I do wonder how long does it take the hairstylist to make his hair look like that?) A bit of an obvious choice but there you have it.

Terry O’Quinn aka Locke – my mum is not sold on Sawyer you see. No amount of my exclamations “will you just look at him” did the trick. My mum isn’t exactly sold on Lost either no matter how hard I tried to sell it but on those rare occasions she did watch it Locke was the only one who piqued her interest. Must be the whole faith-redemption thing. Plus he would be able to hunt for food on a deserted island so he must appeal to some primal urge in her.

George Clooney – I have to admit George wasn’t my mum’s choice. But George is George and he appeals to women of all ages so he should be listed. I find his looks a bit off putting to be honest as he reminds me of someone I don’t like much, but I do like his movies. Not that Out of sight drivel, but the recent ones.

Stephen Fry aka Jeeves – I’m afraid this one is my fault entirely. I have been watching Jeeves and Wooster last week and she caught me giggling. As the series was on the telly years ago she does remember it plus I have been waxing lyrical about Stephen Fry for days now, I guess it has rubbed off on her. A man who can cook, is nifty with an iron and can solve any conundrum? The appeal is obvious.